Our Agenda.

  1. Programs of domestic waste management.
  2. Selection of site for sanitary waste disposal (Sanitary Landfills).
  3. Studies for the recovery of inoperative landfills.
  4. Complex Lining Problems (Geomembranes, geotextiles)
  5. Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessments And Projects Of Special Environmental Significance
  6. Recycling programs & Facilities for materials such as plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, rubber, etc.
  7. Studies for the construction of waste transshipment stations.
  8. Studies for the construction and lining of lagoons (Water Basins)
  9. Composting.
  10. Public acceptance programs.
  11. Gas Manipulation
  12. Studies for the regional environmental upgrade.
  13. Installations of waste combustion (Incinerator).
  14. Special landplaning studies.
  15. Sewage treatment plants.
  16. Local and regional development programs.
  17. Systems of water resources elaboration and saving.
  18. Special social-financial development studies of districts.
  19. Systems of potable water elaboration.
  20. Special census and research.
  21. Public opinion sensibilization programs.
  22. Evaluation Of Studies And Programs
  23. Financial figures.
  24. Market research, feasibility studies.
  25. Evaluation of E.U programs.
  26. Financial analysis.