ENVI Ltd, it’s the first company that was founded in 1989, by experienced and specialized executives, for Consulting Services, Development of Studies and Management of a wide variety of projects for the protection of the environment.

The accumulative experience and know-how that ENVI Ltd ensures, in collaboration with big foreign companies abroad, can contribute to a RESPONSIBLE and COMPLETE Technical and Financial SUPPORT of each effort, that concerns the environmental investment, particularly in turn-key projects.

Indicatively we participated :

  • In the study and manufacture of the 1 Sanitary Landfill in Greece (Zakynthos, 1994-95).
  • In the study of the most important Sanitary Landfill in Greece (Larissa, 1997-98).
  • In the study of the biggest Sanitary Landfill in Greece (A. Liosia, 1999-01).

and in a pleiad of other works about environment.